Attendant Services

We recognize the importance of keeping facility nursing staff on the floor. Our attendant services option is available to accompany a resident to a medical appointment.

Each trained, friendly responsible attendant is dedicated to providing cheerful company and a watchful eye for those residents needing assistance and monitoring during a trip.

Groups Services

Need to take a group out for shopping or a lunch?

We offer special rates and service for your small group outings.

 Service is also available after-hours and on weekends.

 Custom exterior painting and warm inviting interiors make each vehicle look and feel like your own personal coach. Cloth seating, soft stereo music and tinted windows help make your groupís trip comfortable and fun.

 Seating capacity is nine seated plus one wheelchair or five seated plus two wheelchairs.

Stay Connected

 Residential pickup and delivery

 Attendants for those needing company and assistance to a medical appointment

 Secure sign-in/sign-out transportation for those participating in adult daycare

 Tailored programs and pricing for standing appointments

 Group rates for family events

 Evening and weekend service available

So, whether it be to a family birthday party, a wedding or just a dinner out with friends, Angel Wheels can take you there.